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Past Projects

PPM60 Light Rail Double Electric Folder Door (TDS FLD1)

Design and supply of 5 sets of electric double folder access doors for the Parry People Mover PPM60 lightweight railcar that uniquely use flywheel energy storage (FES) for traction.

Community Transport Single Electric Folder Door (TDS FLD3)

Design and supply electric single folder access doors for Chassis Development vehicle conversions for community transport operations.

Dennis Eagle Dust Cart Single Pneumatic Folder Door (TDS FLD4/5)

Design and supply over 140 pneumatic single folder refuse operatives access doors for RH & LH drive vehicles.

Bott Specialist Vehicle Enhancement Single Folder Door (TDS FLD7)

Design and supply of 9 replacement personnel access doorsets for vehicles in service.

Truck Body Mounted Manual Pantograph Cassette Door (TDS PLD7)

Design and supply manually operated pantograph movement cassette doors with slam locking for utility vehicle side access, multiple end users.

Double Electric Plug Door & Control Kit (TDS PLD8)

Design and supply double electric drive kit and control system for heavy load bespoke office storage application.

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